We have many projects in the works and on our dream list.  We support various projects of other partners who work in the trenches in
Third World countries helping the Widows and Orphan’s.

  1. 1st Project:        

  2. Lifesong for Orphans helped Westminster set up an Adoption Grant Fund for families in need of help in funding their adoption.  On November 6, 2010 at an Orphan Sunday event, $10,000 was raised and 2 families have already been helped - an additional $3-4,000 has been raised as matching funds for these adoptions.

     2nd Project:    

    Love Without Boundaries Drive –

    Providing Life Saving Surgeries for Orphans

  1. - In January 2011 Art Donations were collected at the Annual Westminster Lunar New Year event and given to LWB for their “Art With Heart” EBay auction and $500 was raised the remaining artwork will be auctioned off in August.

     3rd Project:      

      VisionTrust, Myanmar Project (old Burma)

       We worked with VisionTrust and Rainier Christian School/  

       Maple Valley campus in the month of February to raise awareness   

       of the needs of the orphans who can’t be adopted. The students

       were able to raise $5,000 over the month doing various projects.

     4th Project:      

    Sweet Sleep, Moldova Project

       We are working with Sweet Sleep and Rainier Christian School/  

       Maple Valley campus in the month of February, 2012 to raise

       awareness and funds for children in orphanages in Moldova to get

       new beds to be build with another group of volunteers in March

       2012.   The goal is to raise $4,200 and build 21 beds.

Below is a list of some organizations we are working with:

Love Without Boundaries

VisionTrust - Grace Home Orphanage in Myanmar

Agape Adoptions

Sweet Sleep

Lifesong for Orphans

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